Elective courses spring 2023

This is a list of courses elective for master students in the spring semester.

Depending on which programme you attend, you may choose some of these courses. Please note that the courses often have requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to take the course. If you have questions about the courses or requirements, please contact the student counsellors. If there is a situation where not enough students have chosen a course, it might be cancelled.

Find the exact dates for each period here

Courses period 1

ABAD - Analysis of Bases for Decisions (distance course)
DET - Designing for Emerging Technologies
DIBU - Digital Business in the area of IT
DIGMAN - Digital Business Strategies and Change Management (distance course)
GCS I - Global Challenges and Solutions in IT Business I
ML - Machine Learning
NETSEC - Network Security
NLP - Natural Language Processing
PARADIS - Parallel and distributed programming
RESPAI - Scalable and Responsible AI in Organizations
SYSTINT - System Integration of IT Business Information Systems

Courses period 2

BPDI - Business Process Design and Intelligence within the IT area
CYBER - Cyber Security
CYFO - Cyber Forensics
DEMBI - Decision Making and Business Intelligence (distance course)
GCS II - Global Challenges and Solutions in IT Business II
SECGOV - Security and Privacy in e-Government: IT, Laws and Ethics (distance course)
SITMAN - Strategic IT Management
SYSTOIT - Systems Theory, Organizations and IT (distance course)

First cycle courses

The two courses GCS I and GCS II are only offered at first cycle (bachelor’s) level. Depending on which programme you read, you can only take a limited number of courses at first cycle level. Please contact the student counsellors if you have questions.

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