Titel: Fil mag i tvåspråkighet
Arbetar som: Doktorand i finska
Rum: E538
Telefon: 08-16 2109
E-post: virpi.ala-poikela@finska.su.se
Besöksadress: Campus Frescati, Södra huset, hus E, plan 5
Språk: svenska, finska, engelska

PhD project:

The interface between language and thought. Does language affect linguistic thought processes? The thesis is concerned with some specific structural differences between Finnish and Swedish: Swedish uses stative expressions while Finnish uses "directional logic" for expressing events in the same piece of reality in cases like looking for something in the cupboard: Swedish uses in as English but Finnish uses from (Sw. 'leta i skåpet' vs. Fi. 'etsiä kaapista'). The aim of the thesis is to investigate if these structural differences lead to any cognitive differences between the speakers.