Stockholm Business School's work is led by a head of department, who is supported by a deputy head of department, an administrative manager and the school board. The board is a link between the department and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Subordinate to the head of department are five sections, four sections for research and teaching and one section for administration. The department also has Executive Education.


Head of Department: Fredrik Nordin

Deputy Head of Department: Karin Berglund

Assistant Head of Department: Andreas Sundström

Administrative Manager: Maria Gärdelöv


The School Board (IS) is overall responsible for the scope and quality of the department's assignments: research, education and degrees, collaboration. The board establishes the department's strategy, business plan, budget and guidelines for the organization of the work. The members of the department board are elected for a three-year period. The head of department and deputy head of department are standing members. Student representatives are replaced every year after association elections.

Permanent members Deputy members
Fredrik Nordin, Head Ai Jun Hou
Karin Berglund, Deputy Head Birgitta Schwartz
Bino Catasús Charlotte Lindén Ahmad
Björn Hagströmer Gustav Agnesson
Ai Jun Hou Jarkko Peltomäki
Jessica Lindberg Mikael Holmgren Caicedo
Sara Jonsson Fanny Dorothea Ulrich (student)
Mia Hinnerich Friedrich Krentz (student)
Lars Nordén  
Fredrik Eng Larsson  
Andrea Lucarelli  
Björn Hagströmer  
Fredrik Eng Larsson  
Heléna Lindström  
Helene Olofsson  
Jessica Lindberg  
Lars Nordén  
Linda Kjellman  
Mia Hinnerich  
Sara Jonsson  
Tommy Jensen  
Florence Cummings (student)  
Niki Rohani (student)  





















The Education Committee

The Education Committee (UN) prepares syllabus for courses and programs at undergraduate and advanced level before the head of department's decision on approving revisions. All educational issues that are departmental, eg course and program planning, investigations from SU on educational issues, discipline and / or exemption procedures, etc are also handled.

The PhD Education Committe

The PhD Education Committe (FUN) handles issues concerning the doctoral student environment, doctoral courses, dissertations and governing documents for postgraduate education.

The Professor Representatives Committe

The Professor Representatives Committe drives the development of the reseach at the department. The committe includes professor representatives for each section.


The department's research and teaching is organized into four sections:

Accounting section

Head of Section: Mikael Holmgren Caicedo
Professor Representative: Bino Catasus

Finance section

Head of Section: Jarkko Peltomäki
Professor Representative: Lars Nordén

Management section

Head of Section: Hans Rämö
Professor Representative: Tommy Jensen

Marketing section

Head of Section: Jon Engström
Professor Representative: Martin Johanson

Section for Administration

The section works with student service, teaching planning, finance, HR issues and communication.
Head of Administration: Maria Gärdelöv

Executive Education

Executive Education is responsible for the Executive MBA programme, which is a scientifically based and degree-oriented management programme.
Director of Studies: Ian Richardson


The Advisory Board is a platform for expanded and in-depth cooperation between institutions, business and the public sector. The Advisory Board acts as an innovator to strengthen the department's future competitiveness.

Convener: Susanna Molander, Stockholm Business School and Fredrik Nordin, Head of Department, Stockholm Business School
Chairman: Johan Oljeqvist, CEO Fryshuset

  • Karin Berglund, Deputy Head of Department, Stockholm Business School
  • Ann Carlsson Meyer, CEO Systembolaget
  • Christina Friborg, Executive Vice President and Head of Sustainability, SSAB AB
  • Björn Hertzberg, Algorete International AB
  • Patrik Högberg, Country President Loomis, Sweden and Regional President Nordic Countries
  • Jonas Jakobson, founder and chairman of the investment council, Nordic Equities Kapitalförvaltning
  • Carl-Johan von Uexkull, Chief Commercial Officer, Doconomy
  • Oskar Sjölander, Secretary, Stockholm Business School
  • Hosni Teque-Omeirat, President and Group CEO of Eniro




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