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Global and cross-cultural awareness and experiences are essential skills in today’s global society and is something we would like our graduates to attain while studying at Stockholm Business School. One way of acquiring such skills is by participating in an international educational activity during your time as a student.

Students at Stockholm Business School have different options to acquire an international experience during the studies at the University. Stockholm Business School has approximately 110 bilateral and Erasmus+ agreements with universities worldwide. These agreements make it possible for roughly 250-300+ students to study abroad on exchange annually.

The application for student exchange spring semester is open: August 15th – September 15th.


Most students at Stockholm Business School have the opportunity to study abroad through our exchange agreements with partner universities around the world. We are partnered with roughly 100 partners in Europe, Asia, North- and South America and Oceania. Exchange studies are not subject to tuition fees, but additional administrative fees and living costs may apply. A list of available vacancies at partner universities is published on the Application website each semester. Please note that we do not send students to all our partners each term, so be sure to check the list for your specific semester before you apply.

Partner universities

Stockholm Business School has cooperation agreements with a large number of prestigious universities and business schools worldwide.

Please note that available exchange placements for outgoing students vary from semester to semester and the list of partners below is for reference only. A specific list of vacancies for the upcoming semester is released before each application period and is based on the number of incoming and outgoing students to each partner university. Thus, in order to be able to announce a vacancy, we need to be in balance as regards the numbers of students sent and received with the partner university.

Link to our partner universities


A general requirement to be able to study abroad through the SBS exchange programme is that you intend to be on exchange for one semester, enrolled as a full-time student at one of our partner universities.

Students applying for the SBS exchange programme must be enrolled at SBS at the time of application* and  have enough credits left in the study programme to transfer 30 credits from the exchange semester.

*Students enrolled in free standing courses or Bachelor of Business Administration programme who are enrolled in courses at the department of economics are eligible, provided they meet the below-listed requirements.

NOTE! Students that have previously applied and been accepted to SBS exchange programme and then declined the placement after the host university has contacted the student are not allowed to apply again.

For more specific guidelines see below.

Bachelor's programme in International Business and Politics

Bachelor's programme in Business Administration

Bachelor's programme in Business Administration and IT (for eligibility see under Free Standing Courses below)

Bachelor's programme in Market Communication (GI)

Bachelor's programme in Market Communication and IT (for eligibility see under Free Standing Courses below)

Master's programmes

Free standing courses


Are you interested in the adventure of a lifetime next semester? The APPLICATION ROUND for exchange studies will be available August 15th  to September 15th for spring semester and January 15th to February 15th for fall semester. Late applications will not be accepted, no exceptions will be made.

Please observe that once you have submitted your application, you will not able to make any changes, so be sure to read through it carefully and submit the required documents for your choices. If you forget to upload a document, you will need to submit a new application before the deadline.

  • If the application does not fulfill the requirements, for example: not submitting language requirements or a work experience certificate for a specific school you have applied for, the application for that school will not be considered.
  • If the application is incomplete, the application will not be considered (for example, if the letter of motivation has not been submitted).
  • No individual feedback will be provided.

If you are interested in knowing more about the study abroad opporunties then you are most welcome to one of the informations meetings.


  • Step 1. Visit the Study Abroad website for more information about the SBS Exchange programme (you are here!)
  • Step 2. Read through eligibility requirements thoroughly, take note, some of our partners have grade- or language requirements, these are listed on the placement list.
  • Step 3. Check the partner unviersities available. Ensure the semester dates at the schools you are interested in do not conflict with SBS semester dates.
    See available exchange places for Spring 2023 semester (18 Kb)
  • Step 4. Select up to five (5) universities and submit your application online.
  • Step 5. Once you have been selected as a nominee to one of our partner universiteies, we will nominate you as an exchange student from SBS.
  • Step 6. APPLY to our partner university. Once you have been nominated to our partner university, you will receive application instructions from your host university or your internatioanl coordinator at SBS.
  • Step 7. Be sure to apply on time, check your email regularly as you will be contacted via email by your host university throughout the application process
  • Step 8. Once you have been admitted to the partner university, ACCEPT your placement, apply for housing, Visa (if applicable), fill out your learning Agreement, select courses, apply for any applicable scholarships such as Erasmus+/NOREK etc.
  • Step 9. Upon your return to SBS, submit an exchange report of your semester abroad.

Before starting your application please make sure to read through the application instructions thoroughly and make sure you are eligable to apply. The application for your academic level is listed below, and should include the following:

1. Online application

Link to bachelor application

Link to master application

(Link will be available from August 15th to September 15th for spring semester and January 15th to February 15th for fall semester).
Enclose the following documents to the online application:

1. Letter of motivation (in English): 300-500 words, explaining why you are applying for the exchange programme. You only need to motivate your first-hand choice. This letter will be  be read by the International Office staff, and will not be sent to the host university.

Please include the following details in the letter:

  • Personal introduction
  • Describe why you chose to apply to the exchange programme
  • Explain how the exchange will benefit your personal development and prepare you for your professional career.

Save the file with your "last name_ first name_letter" before uploading it to the application.  
2. Only if applicable, proof of language proficiency: -IELTS/TOEFL or Swedish 'gymansiebetyg' (check the specified information for each university). Save the file with your "last name_ first name_language" before uploading it into the application.
3. Only if applicable, a certificate confirming your participation in Föreningenekonomerna (FEST). Save the file with your "last name_ first name_ekonomerna" before uploading it into the application. 

Note: Only applies to masters students applying to an MBA exchange semester. Employer's certificate and/or CV in English (). The certificate should contain the following: Name of company/organization where you worked, Specific dates of employment, Your responsibilities, Should be clear that it was a full-time job, The certificate must be written on official letterhead and signed by the employer, Include contact information for the employer. Save the file with your "last name_ first name_cv" before uploading it into the application.  
NOTE! Please note that we will start to evaluate applications once the deadline has passed on September 15th/February 15th . You will be informed of the result within two (2) weeks of the application deadline. Unfortunately it slows us down if we receive calls and emails asking about the results before we have published them, so please be patient and wait to hear from us.
NOTE! International students who have been granted SI scholarship must contact the Swedish Institute and get permission to apply for exchange studies before submitting an application to SBS.
NOTE! Students who have previously applied and been accepted to the SBS exchange programme and then withdrawn from the programme after being nominated to the host university are not eligible to apply.


Selection for the exchange programme is based on grades for courses taken at Stockholm Business School in addition to the letter of motivation. Skills in other languages than Swedish and English as well as extra-curricular activities with the SBS Student Association (F.E.St) may also factor into the overall placement of students at partner universities.

The Office of International Affairs bases the selection of students to the exchange prorgamme on the following criteria:

  • The first factor is through a point system: points for grades: A= 5, B= 4, C= 3, D= 2, E= 1. Points are also awarded for accredited extra-curriculars please see below.
  • Letter of motivation: if two students' grades and points are equal, the motivation letter is the second factor taken into consideration. The motivation letter should emphasize on why you want to go abroad, personal/academic/professional goals, and/or your first-hand choice.
  • Extracurricular activities within The Education Committee at the SBS Student Association (Föreningen Ekonomerna, F.E.St) that gives you three (3) extra points when applying for the student exchange program. If you are awarded three (3) extra points by F.E.St then this certificate should be included to the student exchange application.

The SBS Student Association (F.E.St) has established guidelines in conjunction with the Office of International Affairs about the requirements for acquiring extra points. The criterion for earning bonus points can be found on the website  of the student association (F.E.St).

Note! The partner universities can sometimes have their own special requriments which can affect the selection process.


Before departing on your study abroad semester you should complete a Learning Agreement. Students can get assistance from their academic advisor, as the learning agreement is an agreement ensuring that the courses you register for will be transfered to SBS. Students who take courses that were not approved are not guaranteed a credit transfer. After the completion of your study abroad semester you should apply for a credit transfer.

Read more about What courses are approved, Learning agreement, Credit conversion, Credit transfer and Grades




International Coordinator

International Coordinator administrates international student agreements, and provides services to exchange students who are applying to Stockholm Business School.

International Coordinator
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