Here you will find address and contact information for overall functions at Stockholm Business School.

Telephone and  E-mail
Telephone: +46(0)816 20 00
E-mail employees and researchers:

Delivery address
Albanovägen 18, floor 5-6

Visiting address
Albanovägen 18, Greta Arwidssons Väg 8 and 10, floor 5-6

Postal address
Företagsekonomiska institutionen/Stockholm Business School
Stockholms universitet

Invoice address
See Invoices, payments and e-commerce
The department's reference number for invoices: 302

Contact person invoices and supplier information
Finance Manager: Sara Nygren
Phone: +46(0)816 17 83
Economist: Yuet-Yee Ryan
Phone: +46(0)8163948
Personnel and finance assistant: Lisa Fors

Contact person staff
HR Administrator: Vanessa Parker
Phone: +46(0)8162188
Personnel and finance assistant: Lisa Fors

Organization Number
202100-3062 (Stockholm University)

Press and Media
Communication Manager: Maria Ekström Stoetzer
Telephone: +46(0)816 22 90


Department management

Head of Department
Deputy Head of Department
Head of administration

Accounting section

Head of Accunting section: Susanne Weinberg
Professor Representative: Bino Catasus


Finance section

Head of Finance section: Ai Jun Hou
Professor Representative: Lars Nordén


Management section

Head of Management section: Rickard Grassman
Professor Representative: Tommy Jensen


Marketing section

Head of Marketing section: Jon Engström
Professor Representative: Fredrik Nordin

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