Elective courses autumn 2022

This is a list of courses elective for master students in the autumn semester.

Depending on which programme you attend, you may choose some of these courses. Please note that the courses often have requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to take the course. If you have questions about the courses or requirements, please contact the student counsellors. If there is a situation where not enough students have chosen a course, it might be cancelled.

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Courses period 1

BPCM - Business Process and Case Management (distance course)
DAMI - Data Mining in Computer and Systems Sciences
DESINF - Design and information society
IS1 - Enterprise Computing and ERP (enterprise resource planning) Systems
PFAI - Principles and foundations of Artificial Intelligence
REQ - Advanced Requirements Engineering of IT-systems
RIMA - Risk Management (distance course)

Courses period 2

BIGDATA - Big Data with NoSQL Databases
DAMI II - Research Topics in Data Science
EDS - Entrepreneurship in the Digital Society
EGOV - Open e-governance and e-democracy (distance course)
INTROSEC - Introduction to Information Security
IS5 - Data Warehousing
MGIT - Management of Global IT Resources (distance course)
OBIDAM - Open and Big Data Management (distance course)
SECORG - Information Security in Organisations
SERDES - Citizen Centric Service Design and IT Architecture (distance course)
TD - Thick Data

First cycle course

The course BIGDATA is only offered at first cycle (bachelor’s) level. Depending on which programme you read, you can only take a limited number of courses at first cycle level. Please contact the student counsellors if you have questions.

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