Introduction to Public Health Sciences: A brief overview (3 ECTS)

The course "Introduction to Public Health Sciences: A brief overview" (PH018F1) is aimed at PhD students from all disciplinary backgrounds seeking to deepen their knowledge about public health and/or undertake advanced research in the field of public health.

Course dates

October 3 - October 15, 2024

PH018F1 Education plan, valid from Autumn 2022 (250 Kb)

PH018F1 Kursplan, giltig fr.o.m. HT2022 (254 Kb)  (på svenska, juridiskt dokument)

Course content

The purpose of the course is to introduce the field to students with prior limited knowledge in public health sciences. The course provides a basic historical overview, central concepts, theories, models, and analytical methods that are used in public health sciences today. Four knowledge areas of public health sciences are introduced; a) level and distribution of health and diseases in different populations, b) health determinants that affect health status of individuals and populations, c) health policy and its influence on health outcomes, and d) public health practice that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention. The course focuses on the social science perspective in public health.

Course manager

Peter Larm

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