Psychological perspectives on health (7.5 ECTS)

The course "Psychological perspectives on health" (PH007F1) provides knowledge about psychological perspectives on health. The aim is to link existing psychological domains (e. g. personality psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology) to the health area and to provide an overview of specific health psychological theories.

Course dates

Autumn 2022, period A (August, 29th - September, 29th)

Course plan

Kursplan (på svenska, juridiskt dokument)

Course content

The doctoral student will, among other things, learn how to identify and explain relevant concepts in the health psychological domain and to analyse a public health problem with both a psychological and a health psychological theory. After the course the doctoral student will be able to apply a health psychological approach to a public health problem.

Course Description PH007F1 Autumn 2022 (199 Kb)

Course managers

Peter Wennberg,
Vivianne Straatmann,


Schedule PH007F1 Autumn 2022

Course literature

Course Literature PH007F1 Autumn 2022 (189 Kb)

More information

This course is offered in collaboration with the Master’s programme in public health sciences: Societal and individual perspectives. The teaching occasions are to be attended jointly with the master students. You will find more information in the PH007F1 Education plan. All registered students will get access to the schedule and course material in Athena.


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