Here you can find contact information to our academic members of staff including researchers, research- and teaching assistants and PhD students.


Academic members of staff


Göran Ahrne, Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Research interests: Social relationships, bonded actions, social and organizational change, globalization, meta- organizations, partial organization, love and friendship, kinship


See webpage for Göran Ahrne

Gunnar Andersson, Professor of Demography

Research interests: Demography, fertility, mortality, migration, family formation, register-based research, generations and gender, Nordic countries, Sweden


See webpage for Gunnar Andersson


Siddartha Aradhya, Researcher


See webpage for Siddartha Aradhya


Kieron Barclay, Docent, Researcher

Research interests: Family demography, fertility, mortality, health, status attainment


See webpage for Kieron Barclay

Vanessa Barker, Professor of Sociology

Research interests: Borders and migration, sociology of punishment, political sociology, historical sociology, civil society and social movements, nordic and US contexts, cultural sociology, postcolonialism and critical race theory 


See webpage for Vanessa Barker

Tim Bartley, Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Research interests: Organizations, economic sociology, political sociology, global and transnational sociology, environment, labor, corporate responsibility


See webpage for Tim Bartley

Karin Bergmark, Professor Emerita of Sociology


See webpage for Karin Bergmark

Eva Bernhardt, Professor Emerita of Demography

Research interests: Family demography


See webpage for Eva Bernhardt

Sunnee Billingsley, Docent, Senior lecturer

Research interests: Social policies, social mobility, fertility, mortality, health, family dynamics, economic context


See webpage for Sunnee Billingsley


Gitte Blomgren, Lecturer


See webpage for Gitte Blomgren

Maria Brandén, Docent, Researcher


See webpage for Maria Brandén

Magnus Bygren, Professor of Sociology

Research interests: Inequality, segregation, causal inference, quantitative methods, intersectional theory


See webpage for Magnus Bygren

Eero Carroll, Docent, Lecturer

See webpage for Eero Carroll


Chiara Comolli, Researcher

Research interests: Family dynamics, fertility behaviour, fertility intentions, economic uncertainty, inequality, wellbeing, life course studies, quantitative methods, causal inference, longitudinal data


See webpage for Chiara Comolli

Johan Dahlberg, Researcher

Research interests: Fertility, timing of birth, birth seasonality, education and fertility, social background and fertility

See webpage for Johan Dahlberg

James Dennison, Researcher

Research interests: European electoral politics, the politics of migration, political attitudes and behaviour, the radical right, green politics


See webpage for James Dennison

Sven Drefahl, Docent, Senior lecturer

Research interests: Longevity, life expectancy, mortality, determinants of mortality, global trends in health and mortality, causes of death, health and mortality inequalities


See webpage for Sven Drefahl

Ann-Zofie Duvander, Professor of Demography

Research interests: Family policy, parental leave, social insurance, fertility, child maintenance, couple interaction, division of labor, income development, gender equality, divorce


See webpage for Ann-Zofie Duvander


Helen Eriksson, Researcher

Research interests: Family demography, family policy, parental leave, administrative register data, mixed models


See webpage for Helen Eriksson

Thomas Florén, Acting Lecturer


See webpage for Thomas Florén


Michael Gähler, Professor of Sociology, Head of Department

Research interests: Ethnic and gender inequality on the labor market, family sociology, social selection to higher education, social stratification, welfare distribution 


See webpage for Michael Gähler

Kristina Hagqvist, Lecturer


See webpage for Kristina Hagqvist

Lisa Harber-Aschan


See webpage for Lisa Harber-Aschan 

Barbara Hobson, Professor Emerita of Sociology


See webpage for Barbara Hobson

Martin Hällsten, Professor of Sociology

Research interests: Quantitative methods, social stratification, social mobility 
multigenerational mobility, educational choice, wealth inequality, ethnic and racial inequality, contextual and peer effects, social capital, social networks


See webpage for Martin Hällsten


Juho Härkönen, Professor of Sociology


See webpage for Juho Härkönen

Martin Kolk, Docent, Researcher

Research interests: Demography of kinship, family demography, historical demography, income and fertility, global population growth, cultural evolution, social stratification, influence from the family of origin on demographic outcomes


See webpage for Martin Kolk

Linda Kridahl, Researcher

Research interests: Ageing, predictors of retirement, older couples, relational conflicts, late-life divorce, organization of household money, economic circumstance, gender equality, wellbeing, life course


See webpage for Linda Kridahl

Carl le Grand, Professor Emeritus of Sociology


See webpage for Carl le Grand

Fredrik Liljeros, Professor of Sociology

Research interests: Social networks, mathematical and computational sociology, parallel programming, network epidemiology, hospital infections, sexually transmitted infections, information geometry and complex systems

See webpage for Fredrik Liljeros

Anna Lund, Professor of Sociology, Deputy Head of Department

Research interests: Cultural sociology, ethnography/qualitative interviews, arts, gender, sociology of education, multicultural incorporation, youth studies


See webpage for Anna Lund

Lina Lundström, Acting lecturer

Hernan Mondani, Researcher

Research interests: Social organizing, social mechanisms, social network analysis, life-course trajectory analysis, computational social science, sequence analysis


See webpage for Hernan Mondani 

Eleonora Mussino, Docent, Researcher

Research interests: International migration, life course, family demography, social policy, gender equality, quantitative method in social science, multiculturalism and integration, public health, mortality, inequality


See webpage for Eleonora Mussino

Mona Mårtensson, Docent, Researcher


See webpage for Mona Mårtensson

Stefanie Möllborn, Senior lecturer

Research interests: Social demography, health, stratification, life course, social psychology, children and youth, gender, families


See webpage for Stefanie Möllborn

Magnus Nermo, Professor of Sociology


See webpage for Magnus Nermo

Gerda Neyer, Docent, Researcher

Research interests: Welfare state, fertility, gender


See webpage for Gerda Neyer

Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk, Researcher

Research interests: Family demography, family sociology, childbearing, work-family balance, labor market, employment, gender, marriage trends, family dynamics


See webpage for Sofi Ohlsson-Wijk

Livia Oláh, Docent, Senior lecturer

Research interests: Family demography (partnership formation/dissolution, fertility), social policy, gender relations, social norms (values and attitudes), comparative research 


See webpage for Livia Oláh

Didem Oral, Postdoc


See webpage for Didem Oral

Giampiero Passaretta, Researcher


See webpage for Giampiero Passaretta

Elena Pupaza, Researcher


See web page for Elena Pupaza

Daniel Ritter, Docent, Senior lecturer

Research interests: Revolutions, unarmed/nonviolent/civil resistance, social movements, political sociology, comparative historical sociology


See webpage for Daniel Ritter

Jens Rydgren, Professor of Sociology

Research interests: Political sociology, party politics, voting behavior, nationalism, intergroup relations, ethnic conflict, social networks, belief formation


See webpage for Jens Rydgren 

Åke Sandberg, Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Research interests: Sociology of work and organization, work and technological change, critical management studies, gig economy and platform economy, industrial relations, “the Swedish model”


See webpage for Åke Sandberg

Johanna Schiratzki, Researcher, Professor of Welfare Law

Research interests: Child law, family law, welfare law, best interests of the child, maintenance, parental responsibility


See webpage for Johanna Schiratzki

Kirk Scott, Researcher


See web page for Kirk Scott

Kristina Stenström, Researcher


See webpage for Kristina Stenström


Charlotta Stern, Professor of Sociology 

Research interests: Swedish labor market model, organization sociology, HR sociology, sociology of labor law


See webpage for Charlotta Stern

Mikaela Sundberg, Professor of Sociology

Research interests: Science and technology studies, sociology of organizations, voluntary total institutions, fraternal relations, sociology of friendship, microsociology, qualitative methods


See webpage for Mikaela Sundberg

Signe Svallfors, Researcher     

Research interests: Sexual and reproductive health and rights, radical reproductive justice, gender-based violence, contraception, fertility preferences, armed conflict, Colombia


See webpage for Signe Svallfors

Árni Sverrisson, Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Research interests: Technology in Society, digital Photography, innovation and entrepreneurship, social networks, visual Studies, environmental change, african development


See webpage for Árni Sverrisson

Ryszard Szulkin, Professor Emeritus of Sociology


See webpage for Ryszard Szulkin


Elizabeth Thomson, Professor emerita of Demography

Research interests: Family demography, multipartner fertility, separation/divorce, couple decision-making, complex families and kinship, shared physical custody


See webpage for Elizabeth Thomson


Lars Udehn, Professor Emeritus of Sociology


See webpage for Lars Udehn


Caroline Uggla, Researcher

Research interests: Sex ratios and demography


See webpage for Caroline Uggla

Andrea Voyer, Docent, Senior Lecturer in Sociology

Research interests: Cultural sociology, inequality, immigration, class, race and ethnicity, inclusion and exclusion, social change, social theory, computational sociology, qualitative methods


See webpage for Andrea Voyer

Matthew Wallace, Docent, Researcher

Research interests: Health, mortality, international immigration, migrants and the descendants of migrants, ethnicity, and inequality


See webpage for Matthew Wallace

Rosa Weber, Researcher

Research interests: International migration, integration, second-generation migrants, social capital, immigration enforcement, gender and labour market integration, remittances


See webpage for Rosa Weber

Linda Weidenstedt, Lecturer

Research interests: Sociology of work and employment, organizational sociology, labor market research, future of work, digital work, platform and gig economy, human resources, empowering leadership


See webpage for Linda Weidenstedt

Ben Wilson, Docent, Researcher

Research interests: Social demography, the lives of immigrants and their descendants families, children and childbearing, socioeconomic and health inequalities research design and methodology


See webpage for Ben Wilson

Weiqian Xia, Researcher    

Research interests: Political sociology, political attitudes and behaviors, party politics, sociology of religion, values, ethnic relations


See webpage for Weiqian Xia  


Peter Åkerbäck, Director of Studies Undergraduate Level

Research keywords: New religious movements, sects, sectarianism, sociology of religion, new age movements, religion, tantrism (neotantra)


See webpage for Peter Åkerbäck




PhD students

Petter Bengtsson     

Research interests: Economic sociology; markets in general and housing markets in particular; social theory; qualitative methods


See webpage for Petter Bengtsson  


Benson John     


See webpage for Benson John  


Klára Čapková     


See webpage for Klára Čapková

Erik Carlsson 

Research interests: Fertility of immigrants, fertility differentials between ethnic groups, fertility intentions and their realization    


See webpage for Erik Carlsson

Serena Coppolino Perfumi    

Research interests: Digital sociology, media psychology, critical internet studies, online disinformation, digital cultures, clgorithmic bias


See webpage for Serena Coppolino Perfumi 

Filip Dabergott  


See webpage for Filip Dabergott

Daniel Dahl     


See webpage for Daniel Dahl  

Johanna Finnström     

Research interests: Social policy, gender relations, separation and conflict, economic conflict, child maintenance, family sociology and parenting behaviour, sociology of law


See webpage for Johanna Finnström

David Grobgeld


See webpage for David Grobgeld

Zeth Isaksson     

Research interests: Comparative politics, political economy, quantitative methods, and political sociology with a particular interest for historical political economy.


See webpage for Zeth Isaksson

Elida Izani Ibrahim

Research interests: Polarization, lifestyles, cultural sociology, computational social science


See webpage for Elida Izani Ibrahim

Malcolm Jacobson     

Research interests: Cultural Sociology, memory studies, visual studies, subcultures, graffiti, photography


See webpage for Malcolm Jacobson  

Sjors Joosten    

Research interests: Urban sociology, social cohesion and inequality, arts (music), multicultural integration, belonging and identity, ethnography 


See webpage for Sjors Joosten


Kristin Jung Ståhle    

Research interests: Cultural aesthetics, political theory, sexuality, pop culture


See webpage for Kristin Jung Ståhle  

Konstantin Kazenin


See webpage for Konstantin Kazenin

Maxim Kan     

Research interests: Fertility, gender inequality, ethnicity, religion, contraceptive use, sexual and reproductive health, Central Asia, Post-Soviet countries


See webpage for Maxim Kan  

Wooseong Kim     

Research interests: Immigrant integration, second-generation immigrants, educational mismatch, migration, health inequality


See webpage for Wooseong Kim    

Melis Kirgil     

Research interests: Social norms, social inequality, networks, cooperation, collective intentionality, cross-cultural differences, mixed-methods


See webpage for Melis Kirgil

Sanni Kuikka     

Research interests: Computational social science, machine learning, algorithmic bias, life course, intergenerational processes, neighbourhood effects, social policy, population register data


See webpage for Sanni Kuikka     

Weiven Lai     

Research interests: Family demography, migration, cohabitation, partnership dynamics


See webpage for Weiven Lai    


Pierre Nikolov     


See webpage for Pierre Nikolov

Anna-Karin Nylin     


See webpage for Anna-Karin Nylin

Filip Olsson     

Research interests: Implicit bias, discrimination, nationalism, experimental research


See webpage for Filip Olsson   

Steffen Peters     

Research interests: Fertility, personality, five factor model


See webpage for Steffen Peters  

Miska Simanainen     

Research interests: Cash transfers and incentives, poverty and income inequality, health and wellbeing, field experiments, register studies, tax-benefit microsimulation modelling


See webpage for Miska Simanainen  

Signe Svallfors     

Research interests: Sexual and reproductive health and rights, radical reproductive justice, gender-based violence, contraception, fertility preferences, armed conflict, Colombia


See webpage for Signe Svallfors  

Ryan Switzer     

Research interests: Social movements, technology, comparative politics, social and cultural theory, policing, far right politics, history of ideas


See webpage for Ryan Switzer     

Max Thaning     

Research interests: Intergenerational inequality, social mobility, social class and socio-economic inequality


See webpage for Max Thaning

Frankseco Yorke  

Research interests: Refugees studies, immigration and integration, second generation immigrants education and health outcomes of refugees


See webpage for Frankseco Yorke

Weiqian Xia     

Research interests: Political sociology, political attitudes and behaviors, party politics, sociology of religion, values, ethnic relations


See webpage for Weiqian Xia  


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