Synchrotron-based techniques have emerged as strong and effective tools within fields such as geochemistry and environmental science, and are particularly useful in terms of determination of speciation and distribution of chemical elements. When used in combination with traditional techniques, they can substantially advance the understanding of how various chemical elements are bound and distributed on fine scale in a range of materials including soils, sediments and waters. This workshop is organized by the Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences and is open to all scientists and PhD-students interested in exploring and applying synchrotron-based techniques to advance their research.


Preliminary schedule

Monday, January 21


– Mats Åström: Introduction to synchrotron analysis

– Changxun Yu: Some practical challenges of synchrotron analysis

– Break


– Presentations by workshop participants. Each presentation (c. 10 min) is followed by a short discussion of possibilities to include synchrotron-based techniques in the research. Extended discussions will be possible on day two.

Tuesday, January 22, 9–12 am

Possibility to discuss specific project ideas



Mats Åström is Professor in environmental geology at Linnaeus University, and in 2019 guest professor (25%) at Stockholm University

Changxun Yu is a Researcher at Linnaeus University


Please sign up for the workshop latest by January 17 by sending an e-mail to

As a follow-up to this workshop, the Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences will invite applications for pilot research projects that will be financed through the Section’s budget.