On Wednesday February 13 you can visit the Science Careers Day in Aula Magna and at the Department of Mathematics, house 5, in Kräftriket.

Take a lunch sandwich, go to seminars and talk to the exhibitors.


12.00–15.30 Exhibition in Aula Magna

09.30–15.30 Exhibition in Kräftriket

Seminars (in swedish):
Mimer, top level in Aula Magna
12.30–12.55 Greensway
13.00–13.25 Naturvetarna – Din karriär som naturvetare
13.30–13.55 ÅF Infrastructure AB
14.00–14.25 Oriflame Cosmetics
14.30–15.00 Academic Work House 5, Department of Mathematics in Kräftriket
10.00–15.45 see math.su.se

Invitation to Careers Day for Science and Mathematical Students!