The Department of Culture and Aesthetics offers the following courses in this second admission round:

Bachelor's level

Art History

Art, Architecture and Visual culture in Sweden, 7.5 credits

History of Ideas

Swedish History of Ideas, 7.5 credits


Swedish Literature, 7,5 credits

Theatre Studies

Performance Studies, Focusing on Gender and Feminism, 15 credits

Master's level

Art History

History of collections: making, reconstruction and interpretation, 7.5 credits
Landscape as Memory, Representation and Construction, 7.5 credits
Performativity and Visual Culture, 7.5 credits


Arts and formalisms, 7.5 credits

Theatre Studies

Performativity, body and gender on stage, 7.5 credits
Phenomenology and performance studies, 7.5 credits
Curating Dramaturgy I, 7.5 credits

Application guide

Fore more information on applying for admission at Stockholm University, a good place to start is here:

Application - a Step by Step Guide