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We currently offer two Master's Programmes in Art History in English:

International Master's Programme in Art History (120 ECTS credits)
International Master's Programme in Art History: Technical Art History and the Art Museum (120 ECTS credits)

Most of the courses in Art History are held in Swedish. If you are interested in our courses that are held in Swedish, please visit our Swedish website.

We also offer a four year PhD programme. For more information about PhD studies in Art History, please contact:

Director of Graduate Studies
Maria Åkestam
Phone: +46 (8)-16 36 25

Man fotograferar en tavla och i förgrunden står en bärbar dator. Foto: Emmebi Diagnostica Artistica.

International Master's Programme in Art History: Technical Art History and the Art Museum

Are you interested in early modern art, its related research and professional praxis within art museums? Curious about artistic techniques, scientific analyses and how it applies to Art History?

International Master’s Programme in Art History

Konstnär: Josef Albers

The International Master’s Programme in Art History provides an opportunity to acquire deepened empirical and theoretical knowledge in art history. Particular focus is placed on developing skills that enable the students to navigate the international art historical field, within the academy, museums, or related professional areas.

Challenges for the emerging city, 15 ECTS

This course is part of OpenLabs course offering. OpenLab is collaborative between students and teachers from Stockholm University (SU), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sodertorn University (SH), Karolinska Institute (KI), the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and the County Administrative Board of Stockholm. The course can be included in all major areas of Stockholm University provided the student is writing his master thesis on the same subject area.

Postcolonial Approaches, 7,5 ECTS

Art and Visual Culture in Europe and the World From the Renaissance Until Today.

Gender Perspectives on Art and Visual Culture, 7,5 ECTS

The course discusses current gender-theory interpretation models in art history and visual culture studies.

Landscape as Memory, Representation and Construction, 7.5 ECTS, second level

The aim of the course is to give profound knowledge in analysing the three-dimensional landscape, as well as the landscape painting, as historical and contemporary phenomena.

Performativity and Visual Culture, 7.5 ECTS, second level

The course explores the concept of performativity, and the ways in which it may be used in the interpretation of art and visual culture.

Curating Architecture, 7.5 ECTS

The course examines a wide range of aspects, together with the problems associated with the contemporary architectural exhibition, as well as different curatorial practices and strategies in relation to such exhibitions.


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Richard Carlsén
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Student Affairs Office
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