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Undergraduate 3rd year – 15/30 credits
Course code GG6117/6118
Start Fall/Spring term period 1
Language: English and Swedish
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The individual project for the Candidate exam aims to give insight and experience in actual scientific methods in the subject of earth science. The primary goals of the study are the planning, execution and reporting of a scientific research investigation. The student will also be trained in searching research literature, writing a scientific report and presenting the research results in a seminar presentation.

Course director

Alasdair SkeltonAlasdair Skelton
Department of Geological Sciences
Stockholm University
106 981 Stockholm

Admission requirements

Knowledge equivalent to 135 credits in Geology or Geoscience, the courses Geoscience – Subject Field Specialisation (GE5023) and Field Study in Geoscience 7,5 hp (GG5017) must be included.

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Application & registration

Contact the department – Elisabeth Däcker

Course Schedule & syllabus

Syllabus 15 credits in Swedish, valid from Spring 2013 PDF icon
Syllabus 30 credits in Swedish, valid from Spring 2013 PDF icon

Course literature

will be based on scientific articles and reports and will be provided by the supervisor/s and searched for by the student.

Form of examination

Examination includes a written report and oral presentation.

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