FAQ Doctoral Studies at SULaw

Do you still wonder about some aspects of Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Law? We have gathered the most common questions from prospective applicants in the FAQ below.

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I am interested in applying for doctoral studies at Stockholm University. How do I know if I am eligible?

Doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law of Stockholm University have basic and special admission requirements regarding a completed LL.B. or LL.M. degree, equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor's degree. If you are a graduate of a foreign institution, you must have received a Master’s degree in law in addition to an undergraduate law degree. For further information, see the Syllabus – research studies.


Do I need to provide a certificate of English language proficiency when applying for doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law?

No certificate proving language skills is required. Nevertheless, applicants must be sufficiently proficient in Swedish or English as your doctoral thesis will be written in one of those languages.


Are there any application and/or tuition fees for doctoral studies?

No, there are not. Application is free of charge. Once accepted to doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law of Stockholm University you are employed by the Faculty for a period of 4-5 years and paid a monthly salary.


Is it difficult to be admitted to doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law of Stockholm University?

Admission to doctoral studies is limited by the budget situation and competition for advertised positions is keen, resulting in very few being admitted each year. The quality of your thesis is of particular significance and it is important that you demonstrate a capacity for independent thinking in your project description.


How much is the salary for a doctoral student?

The starting salary for a newly admitted doctoral student is currently SEK 26,500. The salary is subject to increases pegged to the various phases of your doctoral project, as determined by the Department of Law.


Can I conduct my doctoral studies at Stockholm University without actually being on site in Stockholm?

It is to some extent possible, since you will write your doctoral thesis on an individual basis. You will, however, need to frequently meet with your supervisor as well as participate in the compulsory doctoral courses. In addition, if your doctoral studies also include teaching and administration, your physical presence will be required.


I have all the necessary documentation to apply as stated on your website except the certificate of my LL.M. degree as I will only have finished my last courses shortly after the application deadline. Is it possible to submit the outstanding document after the deadline?

Your application must be complete at the time of the deadline as the Research Committee must have sufficient criteria on which to base its admission decision.


How and when will I find out if I have been admitted to doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law of Stockholm University?

The admissions process is estimated to finish in end of May. Decisions on admissions are made by the Research Committee of the Faculty of Law. By mid June the formal notification of the result will be sent by e-mail as well as by post to the address stated in your application. It will state whether you have been accepted, conditionally accepted, placed on the waiting list, or not accepted.

For additional information or clarification, please contact the coordinator of research studies (DoctoralCourses@juridicum.su.se).

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