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Undergraduate 2st year – 7.5 credits
Course code GG4211
Start Spring term period 1
Language: English
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The course covers mineral chemistry, optical microscopy and classification of minerals in common rocks. The course covers sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous petrology with description and classification of common sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Course director

Iain PitcairnIain Pitcairn
Department of Geological Sciences
Stockholm University
106 981 Stockholm

Admission requirements

Admission to the course requires completion of 30 credits in Geology or Earth science, including the course Geology and geophysics 15 credits, or Tellus I – Geology 15 credits, Tellus II – Geology 12.5 credits and Tellus III – Geology 2.5 credits, or equivalent.

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Application & registration

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Course schedule & syllabus

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Course literatur

C. Klein and A. Philpotts, 2013
Earth Materials: Introduction to Mineralogy and Petrology
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521145213

J. D. Winter, 2013
Principles of igneous and metamorphic petrology
Pearson New International Edition
ISBN10: 1292021535
ISBN13: 9781292021539

Form of examination

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