Choi Yeong-suk (1905-1932) was the first Asian woman who studied in Sweden. She went to Sweden in 1927 and studied at Stockholm University and received a Bachelor degree in economics. While she was studying in Sweden, she tried to introduce Korea to the Swedish society continuously. She had connections with the crown prince, later, King Gustaf VI Adolf and Mahatma Gandhi. She is an important figure not only to understand the life of elite women under colonial Korea, but also to know the cultural interaction between Sweden and Korea and to understand the awareness on each of those countries.

Lee Hyojin is a young researcher on Colonial period Korea. She received a Ph.D. degree from the Department of East Asian Culture at Kansai University, Japan, in 2015. Based on her dissertation, she published a book titled The Study of Korean Confucianism in Keijo Imperial University: Formation and Development of Modern Knowledge (Tokyo: Bensei Shuppan, 2016; in Japanese; ISBN: 978-4-585-21031-3). Since the autumn term of 2016, she is working as lecturer in Korean Studies within the cluster Asia and Europe at Heidelberg University, Germany.