Seminarieledare: Irmy Schweiger

When I was invited to participate in a symposium in Copenhagen in 2012 that was arranged by The International Center for Japanese Studies in Kyoto with the title Rethinking “Japanese Studies” from Practices in the Nordic Region, I thought the theme of the symposium fit in very well with a set of questions that have bothered me ever since I entered the Department of Oriental Languages at Stockholm University as a student in 1970. In my paper I discuss the implications of the theme of the symposium, rethinking “Japanese Studies” from practices at Stockholm University, focusing on questions such as: What do we mean by “Japanese Studies”? What do we want? How do we overcome conventional divisions between academic fields and geographical areas? How do we make best use of the inherent “in-between-ness” of Japanese Studies? As the title of our kollokvium indicates, the questions discussed in my paper are relevant to all of us at the Department of Oriental Languages, regardless of specific field of studies.

Article: “Japanese Literature in Global Contexts”
Gunilla Lindberg-Wada - Area Studies? - Some thoughts on our situation in the academic community (572 Kb) .

It was published in Rethinking “Japanese Studies” from Practices in the Nordic Region. Edited by LIU Jianhui / SANO Mayuko. International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 2014.3.31. If you want the article as an off-print, just send me an e-mail at the latest by 16 November, and I’ll make sure you have it in your post-box by the 17th.

If you want to get access to the whole book, it is available in electronic form via the following link: