Ahn Sang-hak, Kim Keum Hee and Shin Yong-mok.

We are glad to welcome three of the Korean authors who will attend the coming Gothenburg Book Fair (September 25-29, 2019). In this year the Gotheburg Book Fair hosts the Republic of Korea as the Guest of Honour providing an opportunity to learn about the rich literature of a country that is among the most fast changing societies and trendsetters in the 21st century pop-culture.

The Korean Literature Night at Stockholm University will introduce the literary world of novelist Kim Keum Hee and poets Shin Yong-mok and Ahn Sang-hak. The works of these authors are very diverse and evolve around the themes of human and humanity, refugees and displaced persons, nature and environment, urbanization and estrangement, gender and identity. They explore the pain and sorrow in the midst of social turbulence, such as the Cheju uprising, and pose the question what is the role of a writer in today’s society.

The event is sponsored by the Literature Translation Institute of Korea. Entrance is free.

Welcome to an exciting meeting with Korean authors!