This episodic film follows two workers, Zhao (Zhao Benshan) and Liu (Hong Qiwen). The film opens when Liu unexpectedly dies after a night of drinking and Zhao decides to fulfill a promise to his friend to get him home, beginning a long odyssey from Shenzhen to Chongqing. Along the way, Zhao meets a variety of figures and learns a lot about the ways of the world.

Director: Zhang Yang

Cast: Zhao Benshan

"Getting Home is a perfectly pitched and heartwarming drama about friendship and promises, with a welcome drop of dark humour." (Nick North)

"Zhang Yang's Getting Home is a road movie-cum-gentle comedy of manners that packs an emotional punch in its final reels. Topped by a finely calibrated, strait-faced performance by Mainland stage comedian Zhao Benshan, and marbled with en-route cameos by some of China's best character actors, pic is a feast of acting as well as a portrait of modern Chinese provincial life." (Derek Elley, Variety).

Monika Gänssbauer is Associate Professor of Chinese Studies at the Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies.