This online workshop aims to discuss on the differences of awareness towards the society and the country in Sweden and in Japan via Zoom. What are differences? Why do these differences arise? What actions and policies should be taken?

There is an international survey results relieased in November, 2019 on Awareness of 18 years olds where Japanese youngsters are so unique than all the other countries.
2019年11月に日本財団が公表した「18歳意識調査-社会や国に対する意識 調査-」では日本の若者のユニークさが驚くほど明確に浮き彫りになってい ます。
Japanese youngsters do not believe that they can change the country nor society. They are so pessimistic on the future of Japan.
自分で国や社会を変えられる、と思っている日本の若者が極端に少なく、 自分の国の将来に悲観的です。
In June, 2019, Cabinet office of Japan published a survey result on awareness of young people between 13 and 29 in 7 countries including Sweden. The results confirm the passive attitude of the Japanese youngsters to solve social problems.
2019年6月に内閣府が公表した我が国と諸外国の若者の意識に関する調査 結果(スウェーデンを含む7カ国の13-29歳の若者を対象、 )でも社会 問題の解決に消極的な日本の若者の同様の傾向が確認されます。
Voting rates of young Japanese are very low. It is often discussed that youngsters in Japan have given up hopes for politics or politicians. We need acute actions agains these problems.

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