This course, comprising 7,5 HE credits on the advanced level, offers students rich and varied insights into contemporary life in the Middle East by exposing them to cutting-edge ethnographic literature that critically addresses a variety of issues (Islam, history, youth, gender, urbanization, globalization and modernity, technology, morality and politics). How are these works conceived and written? Which themes and issues seem to predominate and why? How are they treated theoretically? Not all countries will be represented in the readings, but the course will ask whether or not these texts provide insights into practices and debates in the larger region and how well they speak to wider concerns and debates.

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Themes in Middle East Ethnography: Discourse, Politics, Culture, 7.5 ECTS

The course will run from March to June, 2018, at a 50% study pace, and anyone interested in taking it can contact Joel W. Abdelmoez at to be registered.