Photographs of pages from the Atlas of Athenian Inscriptions (Bound book). © Konstantinos Avramidis
Foton av sidor i Atlas of Athenian Inscriptions (bunden bok, 450x450mm). © Konstantinos Avramidis, 2018.

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Update 10 March: the lecture will be performed via link.


This talk will introduce a methodological exchange between graffiti and architecture. It focuses on a designed book object the spaces of which are curated in such a way to allow us make sense of, navigate in and reconstruct the graffiti landscape of Athens through characteristic surfaces. Presented as an atlas, it offers a close study of three plus one situations in which graffiti has been recorded. The talk discusses how the book, in both drawn and written form, maps graffiti and architecture opening up questions related to each situation. 

About Konstantinos Avramidis

Konstantinos Avramidis is a Lecturer in Architecture at the University of Portsmouth and principal editor of Graffiti and Street Art: Reading, Writing and Representing the City (Routledge, 2017).