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Data analysis for the social sciences in R (3 ECTS)

The course gives a broad introduction to the R software for statistical computing and graphics, adapted for social sciences. The aim of the course is to enable the participants to use R to perform data analysis in their research. The course is primarily intended for PhD students in public health sciences but, conditioned on availability, the course is open for PhD students from other disciplines as well.

Introduction to Public Health Sciences (7.5 ECTS)

The course (PH001F1) is aimed at PhD students from all disciplinary backgrounds seeking to deepen their knowledge about public health and/or undertake advanced research in the field of public health.

Research ethics, open science, and reproducible research, 4.5 hp

This course is given by the Department of Public Health Sciences in cooperation with the Department of Psychology and the Stress Research Institute. The course is given every second year, with next start in autumn 2020.



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