©Stefan Otto: Fast forward/Fast rewind 2002, video. Still from a student exhibition in Stockholm 2007 by Anneli Bäckman and Alexander Benz. Photo: A Benz. By courtesy of the artist.
©Stefan Otto: Fast forward/Fast rewind 2002, video. Still from a student exhibition in Stockholm 2007 by Anneli Bäckman and Alexander Benz. Photo: A Benz. By courtesy of the artist.


Curating Art is in equal shares an academic and practice based education. The programme was developed as a joint enterprise between Stockholm University and prestigious institutions in the art world. Its dual perspective combining academic demands and practice based experience is a fundamental aspect in courses, assignments, and examinations.


The assessment of applications is based on the following parameters: Letter of Intent, relevance of professional or research experience (as documented in CV), relevance of previous studies, grades on academic courses, interview (for selected applicants).

Letters of recommendation are not needed.


Please note:

The department is partially closed during the Christmas period. Emails will be checked, however on an irregular basis. Therefore please allow for delayed responses to emails from 20th December until 9th January!



The application period for fall 2017 is now open since 1 December, 2016. The deadline for applications is 16 January, 2017; also for native applicants. Please note that the deadline for supporting documentation is 25 January!

All applications must be submitted electronically to University admissions in Sweden/Antagning.se. For prerequisites and detailed information, please go to the How to apply-section on this website, as well as the website of Universityadmissions in Sweden for vital information and details on language requirements etc. for foreign applicants: https://www.universityadmissions.se/en/All-you-need-to-know1/Applying-for-studies/Entry-requirements/

All applications are first assessed by University admissions in Sweden/Antagning.se with regard to basic eligibility, as well as the Admissions office at Stockholm University with regard to proficiency in English. Thereafter, applications are transferred to the admissions group at our department for further evaluation and selection, which will take place mainly during February 2017. Please note that the department cannot during the application phase check with University admissions whether individual applications or supporting documentation has been uploaded/submitted correctly or in due time! It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that all the instructions are followed and, if needed, to contact University admissions in Sweden for clarifications.

Late or incomplete applications  will not be considered!

Interviews are anticipated to take place in early March, 2017. In case travelling to Sweden is not feasible, an interview can be performed on Skype. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified in due course.

The final result of selections will be published on the individual application accounts on the Universityadmissions website on 24 March, 2017.

Applicants not selected for an interview but fulfilling the required qualifications will be notified through their Universityadmissions applicant account at that same date of their current place on the wait/reserve list. Any vacancies then occuring at a later stage will be offered to applicants on this wait list in a strict numerical order.

Please note: No second application round in March-April!


Any application information may be updated during the fall of 2016.